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What is Metronome Canada?

Metronome Canada will transform the Canada Malting Silo Complex on Toronto's waterfront into 'The World's First Music City', featuring M3-Metronome Music Museum, an 800 seat concert theatre, offices for the music industry, The Music Education Centre, music related retail, The Canada Malting Museum, restaurants, a music themed children's playground and The Riverboat, a floating exhibit celebrating Yorkville Avenue in the 1960s. The one-of-a-kind facility will be the jewel in the crown of Toronto's rejuvenated waterfront and a lasting legacy to Canada's Millennium. Metronome Canada will integrate, educate, celebrate and promote all facets of the Canadian music industry.

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Where is Metronome

One Bathurst Street, at the western edge of Harbourfront on the site of the historic Canada Malting Silo Complex, adjacent to the Toronto City Centre Airport. This dramatic last-of-its-kind industrial monument on Toronto's waterfront will be reborn as a first-of-its-kind cultural landmark. Visible for miles, the silos represent an unprecedented opportunity to create a national symbol of Canada's music community and a one-of-a-kind tourist destination.

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Why Metronome Canada now?

METRONOME will benefit all those with an interest in the future of music in Canada. Canadian cultural industries are experiencing increasing challenges and need to become bold and innovative. METRONOME CANADA will unite and integrate the Canadian music industry and like the fashion and financial districts, create a centre to strengthen the industry's infrastructure. It will be a dramatic international icon to promote Canadian music worldwide. PricewaterhouseCoopers estimate METRONOME CANADA will create 59 full-time jobs, 98 part-time jobs, 498 person-years in construction employment and that no public funding will be required for its operation.

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Who is Metronome?

METRONOME CANADA FOUNDATION, a registered non-profit organization established on August 12, 1993, will operate the facility and METRONOME CANADA CULTURE / HERITAGE FOUNDATION, a federally approved charity established on June 9, 1999 will operate M3-Metronome Music Museum, The Music Education Centre and The Canada Malting Museum. Members of the Boards of Directors of both Foundations represent all sectors of the Canadian music industry.

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M3-Metronome Music Museum

Dramatically located within the historic 1928 grain silos, M3-Metronome Music Museum is the centrepiece of METRONOME CANADA. Visitors enter at ground level from the Atrium Lobby and travel on an escalator up through the monumental concrete silos to a viewing platform overlooking Toronto Harbour. Descending through 40,000 square (round) feet of interactive, entertaining and educational exhibits inside the silos, the visitor experiences the remarkable breadth and depth of Canada's music community from all regions, genres and eras. A spectacular celebration of Canadian Music!

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The Canada Malting Museum

THE CANADA MALTING MUSEUM OF INDUSTRIAL ARCHAEOLOGY AND PROCESS will feature a working scale model of the Canada Malting Silo Complex in its heyday. An extensive model train and boat exhibit will simulate the delivery of grain and the distribution of malt across Canada. Located in the base of the 1944 silos, The Canada Malting Museum will include artifacts from the existing site, historical photographs and film footage. The industrial and architectural significance of Toronto's last remaining grain silo complex will be highlighted within the exhibits. The working model will be connected to the world's only brew pub capable of making beer from its own malting process.

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The Music Education Centre

The Music Education Centre at METRONOME CANADA will be a national symbol of music education in Canadian society. The design features rehearsal modules located around the circumference of a glass drum. Programs for youth, young adults, seniors and the physically and mentally challenged will be offered in a wide range of musical genres at introductory to advanced levels.

All programs will be offered on a full-time and part-time basis during days, evenings and weekends. Composition, arranging, performance, music theory, listening skills, music appreciation and Canadian music history will be incorporated into all courses and the Canadian Music Library and Resource Centre will be the central feature of the facility.

The Faculty will feature accomplished Canadian musicians from all musical genres. Toronto is the home of many of Canada's most accomplished musical artists, a number of whom have expressed a strong interest in contributing in a teaching capacity.

METRONOME CANADA CULTURE / HERITAGE FOUNDATION will institute the Canadian Music Scholarships Program for the purpose of providing to Canadian music students a comprehensive, advanced music education program that may otherwise be unavailable or unaffordable. In conjunction with regional non-profit music industry associations, two exceptionally talented individuals between the ages of 14 and 18 from each Province and Territory of Canada will be invited to participate in an intensive six-week study program at The Music Education Centre.

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The Riverboat

A floating exhibit celebrating Yorkville Avenue in the 1960s with three small clubs (Penny Farthing, Café El Patio, Myna Byrd) sharing one food and beverage service area.

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The History of Metronome

Aug. 2009
Metronome submit an application to the infrastructure stimulus fund for $20M from each of the goverments of Canada and Ontario.

Nov. 2008
The Toronto Society of Architects features Metronome at an exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum.

Jan. 2006
METRONOME: CANADA'S MUSIC CITY is a feature of the Toronto Board of Trade's 118th Annual Dinner at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. The virtual video tour is presented on a special installation of plasma TVs prior to the dinner.

Jun. 2005
M3 Awareness Campaign goes global: Global Study Magazine becomes a Media Patron of M3-METRONOME MUSIC MUSEUM. The magazine is distributed in over 150 countries around the world.

May 2005
M3 Awareness Campaign launched with support of music industry publications such as Canadian Musician, Canadian Music Network, Canadian Music Trade, Canadian Music Week, and Chart Magazine.

Apr. 2005
METRONOME founder John Harris receives Scroll of Recognition for volunteer service from Mayor David Miller and Members of Toronto City Council.

Apr. 2005
M3-METRONOME MUSIC MUSEUM: Detailed plan for music museum publicized through launch of m3prelude.ca website. Visitors from across Canada and around the world applaud the M3 vision, as well as the exceptional website design by Rocket Power.

Oct. 2004
Harris Institute for the Arts 15th Anniversary Gala in support of METRONOME (Berkeley Church, Toronto) featuring Awards of Excellence for outstanding contributions to the Canadian music industry. Net proceeds to METRONOME CANADA FOUNDATION.

Jul. 2004
MILESTONE METRONOME EVENT at Molson Amphitheatre, Toronto, featuring concert performances by Brian Adams and Colin James, guest appearances by Canadian music luminaries, silent auction and prize draws in support of METRONOME. Colliers International is announced as a partner of METRONOME: CANADA'S MUSIC CITY.

Dec. 2003
METRONOME founder John Harris honoured with the Outstanding Achievement Award for Voluntarism in Ontario.

Sep. 2003
METRONOME PSA begins airing on Toronto 1, upon it's launch as the city's newest television station.

Jun. 2003
METRONOME founder John Harris receives Canada Day Achievement Award for outstanding volunteer service from The City of Toronto.

Apr. 2003
METRONOME PSA becomes the first ever to air on Star Choice satellite television network.

Sep. 2002
Viacom becomes 200th Media Patron by donating advertising space in transit shelters across southern Ontario.

Jun. 2002
Total contributions from 286 companies reach $14.2 million.

May 2002
Tourism Investment Study for Toronto and Ontario recommends METRONOME as a priority attraction.

Apr. 2002
Panasonic becomes Lead Sponsor of METRONOME CANADA.

Feb. 2002
National Public Awareness Campaign supported by 190 Media Patrons reaches $4.9 million in donated advertising space.

Jul. 2001
The City of Toronto writes letters to Prime Minister Jean Chrétien and Premier Mike Harris supporting METRONOME's application for funding from the Ontario SuperBuild and Canada-Ontario Infrastructure programs.

Jun. 2001
METRONOME surpasses 150 Media Patrons from the television, radio, internet, print and production communities, whose total in-kind contributions reach $3.3 million.

Apr. 2001
METRONOME submits application for $25 million in funding from the Ontario SuperBuild and Canada-Ontario Infrastructure programs.

Apr. 2001
Twenty-six construction companies commit to donate 50% of their profits ($3.4 million).

Mar. 2001
Large-format 48-feet-wide billboards begin circulating in Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa for a 52-week period.

Mar. 2001
METRONOME is the feature at the Canadian Music Week convention.

Feb. 2001
National Public Awareness Campaign commences with radio and TV PSAs across the country.

Nov. 2000
METRONOME feature section in the National Post is distributed to over one million readers.

Nov. 2000
Canadian Music Hall of Fame members Oscar Peterson, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Paul Anka, Maureen Forrester, Randy Bachman, The Diamonds, Domenic Troiano and The Four Lads become supporters of METRONOME.

Oct. 2000
Radio stations from across Canada begin airing 30-second METRONOME Public Service Announcements.

Jun. 2000
Toronto City Council overwhelmingly endorses METRONOME by voting 38 to 3 in favour of extending a deadline in its agreement to lease.

Apr. 2000
Public Awareness Campaign reaches $2.6 million in donated advertising space.

Mar. 2000
Presentation to the members of The Arts and Letters Club of Toronto.

Mar. 2000
ROOTS introduces METRONOME line of clothing at Canadian Music Week 2000.

Feb. 2000
Presentation to the Rotary Club of Toronto in the Imperial Room, Royal York Hotel.

Feb. 2000
METRONOME merchandise line wins "Creme de la Creme" Award of Excellence from the Promotional Products Association of Canada.

Aug. 1999
Over 105,000 people visit the METRONOME CANADA Pavilion in the historic Music Building at the Canadian National Exhibition.

Jul. 1999
The City of Toronto's Millennium Task Force enthusiastically endorses METRONOME as an important and unique legacy project.

Jun. 1999
METRONOME CANADA CULTURE / HERITAGE FOUNDATION achieves charity status with Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (# 87178-8899-RR0001).

Mar. 1999
The 99-year agreement to lease the Canada Malting site is executed with the City of Toronto.

Jan. 1999
Regional Public Awareness Campaign to introduce METRONOME as "Canada's Music City" commences with $1.2 million in donated advertising space.

Jun. 1998
Twenty-seven companies express interest in corporate sponsorships and 72 music-related companies express interest in leasing space.

Mar. 1998
METRONOME CANADA design by KPMB selected for exhibition in Barcelona, Spain, Union of International Architects.

Feb. 1998

Oct. 1997
At the final meeting of the former Toronto City Council, terms of the 99-year agreement to lease the Canada Malting site are unanimously approved.

Sep. 1996
METRONOME submits response to City of Toronto's "Request for Proposals" to reuse Canada Malting site.

Mar. 1996
Design by KPMB wins "Award of Excellence" from the Ontario Association of Architects.

Nov. 1995
METRONOME logo wins Applied Arts "Award of Excellence" from over 4,000 entries for designer Joseph Gault.

Sep. 1995
Sixty-two music-related companies become Founding Patrons and many of Canada's leading design, accounting, legal, engineering and consulting companies join the Project Team.

Mar. 1994
Design by Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg (KPMB) wins "Award of Excellence" from Canadian Architect.

Sep. 1993
MCF submits response to City of Toronto's call for "Expressions of Interest" to reuse the Canada Malting silo complex and becomes leading proponent.

Aug. 1993
METRONOME CANADA FOUNDATION (MCF), a registered non-profit corporation, is established in Toronto, Canada.

Mar. 1993
A letter to 150 music-related companies proposing an integrated "music city" receives 87 responses ... all positive.

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