Letters of Support



"METRONOME is an important project because Toronto is a thriving arts and culture centre, and we don't celebrate that enough. METRONOME will bolster Toronto as a cultural centre by adding tremendously to the music industry." David Miller, Mayor of Toronto

"METRONOME CANADA will foster growth and integration in an important Canadian cultural industry."
David Miller, Councillor, City of Toronto

"METRONOME CANADA represents an unprecedented opportunity to nourish, develop and promote Canada's culture and to showcase our ever-growing music industry while fostering tourism and economic growth for Toronto and for Canada." Mel Lastman, Mayor of Toronto

"I believe that Toronto is a world leader in the arts and culture, and am glad that so many of our citizens support this state-of-the-art music complex." Mel Lastman, Mayor, City of Toronto

"The City of Toronto enthusiastically endorses METRONOME CANADA as an important millennium legacy project and respectfully requests Federal Government support for this initiative." Chris Korwin-Kuczynski - Councillor, City of Toronto; Chair, Millennium Task Force

"Your METRONOME CANADA project is so inspiring, it takes my breath away!" Jack Layton, Councillor, City of Toronto

"METRONOME CANADA is the product of some very devoted volunteers who have a vision for Toronto that can only become a 'win-win' situation not only for Toronto, but for all of Canada."
Frances Nunziata, Councillor, City of Toronto

"METRONOME will help make Toronto's waterfront spectacular while preserving the historical legacy of the Canada Malting Silos. Just as the old silos were a symbol of our past economy, METRONOME will signify the future of Toronto as a global cultural leader."
Norm Kelly, Councillor, City of Toronto

"I have always supported this project."
Kyle Rae, Councillor, City of Toronto

"I believe that METRONOME CANADA has great potential and is deserving of both provincial and federal funding."
Jane Pitfield, Councillor, City of Toronto


"The creation of METRONOME CANADA at Harbourfront sounds very exciting."
Hon. Michael D. Harris, Premier of Ontario

"I congratulate you on your impressive progress . . . and encourage you to continue to develop your exciting plans for this facility."
Hon. David H. Tsubouchi, Minister of Culture

". . . wonderful proposal to create METRONOME CANADA. The overall goals are exciting, and if the goals contained within the proposal are met, it promises to raise awareness of Canadian artists in our music industry, and revitalize the Toronto Harbourfront."
Tony Ruprecht, M.P.P., Parkdale

"The project represents a coming of age for the music industry in Canada and a remarkable partnership of private-sector companies and organizations."
Hon. Helen Johns, M.P.P., Huron-Bruce

"My ministry recognizes the importance of this project to the City of Toronto and to the redevelopment of its waterfront area."
Al Palladini, Minister of Economic Development and Trade

"I also have a great interest in music, and hope to see the Canadian Industry grow. I will recommend consideration of your idea to my colleagues in Caucus and to the Minister of Culture, Tourism and Recreation."
Zanana L. Akande, Parliamentary Assistant to the Premier of Ontario


"By incorporating into one venue a theatre, educational centre, music industry office space, a music hall of fame, and other attractions, METRONOME hopes to create a unique facility that will promote all aspects of the Canadian music industry. In addition, this project would result in the revitalization of an important industrial and historical landmark on Toronto's waterfront."
Hon. David M. Collenette, M.P., Minister of Transport

"That the METRONOME project will have a national focus and impact is evident from the wide cross section of support it has received from individuals, associations, and companies from across Canada."
Tony Ianno, M.P., Trinity-Spadina

"The project has the potential to become an international symbol of Canada's cultural self-determination."
Jean Augustine, M.P., Etobicoke-Lakeshore

"This sounds like a wonderful proposal . . . METRONOME CANADA would be a tremendous addition to Toronto and to our waterfront and, I am particularly pleased by the innovative restoration of the historic and striking Canada Malting Silo."
Maria Minna, M.P., Beaches-Woodbine

"I have read with great interest your proposal to create METRONOME CANADA. You may know that I am an ardent supporter of Canadian arts and artists and I find the idea of a project of this magnitude to be an interesting one. Many in the cultural industry feel they have been dealt a major blow by the government in recent years . . . this project is a timely one."
Barbara McDougall, M.P., Secretary of State for External Affairs

"METRONOME CANADA will transform a significant historical and industrial landmark into a unique cultural attraction designed to celebrate, educate and promote all facets of Canada's music community."
Elinor Caplan, M.P., Thornhill

"I am most impressed with this exciting and creative idea. I firmly believe that METRONOME CANADA would provide a valuable contribution to the arts in Canada, and would represent a focal point for Canadian artists and performers."
Jesse Flis, M.P., Parkdale-High Park


"METRONOME will add real value as a unique cultural facility and as an outstanding architectural accomplishment . . . METRONOME is a unique opportunity to do something wonderful for Toronto's Waterfront. The Harbourfront Community Association is eager to support this extraordinary initiative in any way possible and we urge you to make your best effort to ensure the continued support of the City or Toronto."
Max Moore, President, Harbourfront Community Association

"I applaud your interest in reusing one of the last remaining grain elevators for METRONOME CANADA - the site is quite dramatic and would really draw attention to the music industry in Canada."
Joan E. Crosbie, Preservation Officer, Toronto Historical Society

"The METRONOME proposal will assist in the retention of this significant landmark as it is the last remaining silo complex on Toronto's waterfront."
George E. Waters, Acting Managing Director, Heritage Toronto

"Real progress comes from making a careful inventory of what we have, reusing and recycling what we can, developing what we need, and weaving the old with the new."
David Crombie, Waterfront Regeneration Trust, Toronto Star, December 5, 1992


". . . in their heyday they represented progress and the triumph of technology. At a time when people believed the future belonged to Canada the elevators symbolized that potential."
Christopher Hume, Toronto Star, December 5, 1992

"It sounds like a hell of a good idea. I'd be glad to discuss how we could help out here at Eye Weekly."
Steve Jarrett, Eye Weekly

"METRONOME CANADA seems to me to be a most laudable project both from the point of view of preserving Toronto's architectural heritage and for the promotion it would provide to the Canadian Music Industry."
Keith Spicer, Former Chairman, Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission

"METRONOME CANADA will be a unique cultural tourist destination for Ontario and for Canada."
Isabel Bassett, Chair and CEO, TVOntario

"What a great idea! Good luck."
Ivan Fecan, President, CTV Network


"What a wonderful dream to fulfill. This new national undertaking is worthy of our endorsement, support, enthusiasm & belief."
Mel Shaw, Founding President, Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences

"This is the kind of landmark that will certainly provide some of our Music Industry Association a chance to be where the action is."
Dave Charles, President, Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences

"METRONOME CANADA has established unprecedented support from the music, media and construction industries and the heritage, architectural, residential and music communities."
Sean Mulligan, Executive Director, Songwriters Association of Canada

"METRONOME CANADA will be a very significant non-profit initiative in the history of Canadian cultural industries. . . . We feel that METRONOME CANADA can be an exciting part of the overall picture and one which cannot but help to play a part in building and developing cultural industries in Ontario to the clear benefit of all."
Brian Chater, President, Canadian Independent Record Production Association

"We are firmly committed to supporting this venture."
Bobby Herriot, President, Toronto Musicians Association

"METRONOME CANADA is without a doubt, the singularly most exciting project ever conceived for the music industry."
Barb McCullough, Former Director of Marketing and Communications, Toronto Downtown Jazz Society

"METRONOME CANADA will transform an historic structure on Toronto's waterfront which has been a landmark for generations. When completed, it will be seen for miles around and will enhance the cultural identity of Toronto's Harbourfront."
Marilyn Dallman, Music Coordinator, Stratford Festival

"We believe that the concept has tremendous value and would serve to help promote the Canadian Music Industry and its associated institutions."
Colin Puffer, Mariposa Folk Foundation

"As Humber College has an internationally acclaimed music program specializing in jazz, we were one of the founding patrons of the METRONOME project and would very much like to see it brought to fruition."
Robert A. Gordon, President, Humber College

"Canadian Music Hall of Fame members Oscar Peterson, Paul Anka, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Maureen Forrester, Randy Bachman, The Diamonds, Anne Murray, The Four Lads, myself and many others now support METRONOME."
Domenic Troiano, Member, Canadian Music Hall of Fame

"I think your idea is an excellent one and certainly one I would consider for our offices from a location point of view. Let's make Toronto the next "Music City", which it surely is becoming."
Frank W.H. Davies, President TMP - The Music Publisher

"METRONOME CANADA sounds like a good idea. Please let me know what you would like us to do. It might be a good idea to do a video hall of fame, or shrine to the contribution of music video in the industry."
Denise Donlon, Vice President & Director of Music Programming MuchMusic & MuchMoreMusic

"I am very excited by your METRONOME CANADA proposal . . . Not only will it make business operations more efficient, but it will help foster an attitude of co-operation in a very competitive and complex industry."
Patricia Silver, President, Sphere Entertainment

". . . we can not only preserve an historical landmark, but also give our Music Industry a central location. This in turn will attract tourists and allow us to showcase our artists, not once a year, but everyday."
Greg Corby, Sonic Workshop Ltd.

"I would love to see a centre established that could showcase in one location all the great talent we have to offer in the industry."
Gerry Young, President, Current Records

"The musical community at large is extremely excited about what can be achieved . . . finally a USEFUL and sensible space."
Michael Remenyi, Remenyi House of Music

"I write to you on behalf of Loreena McKennitt . . . I wish to assure you that Loreena offers her wholehearted support for the initiative taken with this project."
Alan McGown, Quinlan Road


"METRONOME is the kind of exciting project that will bring a new stimulus to a special people place, further developing the image of Toronto (as a place) where creativity and industrious attitudes have played such an important part in its great history."
John Wimbs F.R.A.I.C., Vice-president, Architects Crang and Boake Inc.

"Merging the needs of METRONOME CANADA with the found archaeology of Canada Malting produces the potential for a virtually instantaneous institution."
Jack Diamond, Architect, A.J. Diamond, Donald Schmitt and Company

"The Canada Malting complex at Bathurst Quay provides the unprecedented mix of drama, permanence and history appropriate to a celebration of the heritage and future of Canadian Music."
George Farrow, Architect & CEO, Dunlop Farrow Inc.

"METRONOME CANADA is a compelling idea . . . The Canada Malting buildings are an important landmark in the city and there is no doubt that they could provide a powerful catalyst as well as a poignant yet tangible symbol for the Music Industry."
Terry Montgomery, David Sisam, Montgomery and Sisam Architects

"In the face of globalization, which insidiously degrades the identity of sovereign states, METRONOME provides an opportunity to protect and enhance our identity through Canadian music in a unique and dynamic way."
Donald Bennett, Director of Marketing, Design Worship 2 Inc.

"METRONOME CANADA has captured the imagination and hearts of all who have been exposed to its brilliant ideals."
Jeff Meirovici, President, Circon Construction Corporation

"METRONOME CANADA represents a metamorphosis of a heritage landmark into a cultural icon. Both its creation and its operation will contribute to the economic vitality of the waterfront, the support of our cultural self-determination, and provide the catalysis for what will be an ongoing legacy."
Jeff Meirovici, President, Circon Construction Corporation


"As a lover of music, an avid collector of guitars, and a proud citizen of Canada (and specifically Toronto), I think it would be a terrific idea to have such a facility located in Toronto. Apart from the obvious tourist benefits, METRONOME CANADA would certainly provide greater convergence of those who have an interest in the field of music to pursue their objectives."
Anthony R. Melman, Vice President, Onex Corporation

"The scope, mission, and shear magnitude of this project has attracted, and will continue to attract, interest from all sectors."
Rob Brown, President, Artsmarketing Services

"The METRONOME Project has the potential to change a city, change an industry and change a country."
Ken Ramsay, President & Managing Partner, Legacy Leaders Inc.

"METRONOME CANADA will provide a geographical Centre for the music industry in Canada, a home where the past can be chronicled and its future promoted, nationally and internationally . . . which will encourage the continued innovation and artistic and cultural expression in Canada of this important industry."
Brian Parker MCIP RPP, Planner, Smith Lyons

"METRONOME CANADA may be the most significant non-profit initiative in the history of Canadian cultural industries. It will be a one-of-a-kind 'music city' on Toronto's waterfront that will transform an industrial landmark into a cultural icon."
Arthur J. Divers, Senior Vice President, Yamaha Canada

"I personally believe that METRONOME CANADA represents an unprecedented opportunity to anchor the important cultural, social and economic benefits of Canadian music, for Canadians, now and in the future."
Ronald Shaw, President, Magnacom Canada Ltd.