Media Patrons

An unprecedented 238 Media Patrons from across Canada from all media have donated $5.7 million in advertising to create awareness about METRONOME. In Canada's history, this is by a wide margin the largest level of support from Canada's media. METRONOME thanks and congratulates the companies who are generously contributing to advance the project. If you have an interest in becoming a Metronome Media Patron, please see below.

Help Build the World's First Music City Panasonic - Lead Sponsor M3 - Metronome Music Museum

Metronome Video PSA (avi file - 12.55 Mb)
Metronome Video PSA (mov file - 26.65 Mb)

Metronome Radio PSA

To become a METRONOME MEDIA PATRON call Clinton Somerton at 416-367-0162 or email

Metronome Canada would like to thank the members of the Metronome Media Dream Team for their support.


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Alternative Media

BBC Canada

BBC Kids


Bravo! Television

CBC Newsworld

CBC Television Network

CFMT Television

CH Television

CMT - Country Music Television

Country Canada

CTV Television Network

Discovery Health Network

Discovery Kids

Edge TV

Food Television Network

Global Television Network

History Television

Home & Garden Television

Ishtyle TV

i Channel

Life Television Network

Look Television System


MUCHMUSIC Television



National Geographic Channel


Rogers Cable Television



Showcase Action (Action Television)

Showcase Diva (Romance Television)

Showcase Television

Star Choice

Star TV

The Beer Store (TVs at retail)

The Comedy Network

The Documentary Channel

The Independent Film Channel

The New VR

Toronto 1

Torstar Media Group Television

Vision TV

Wild On Walls (outdoor tele-boards)




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CBC Radio Canada

CFFX (Kingston, ON)

CFGO (Ottawa, ON)

CFHK (London, ON)

CFIE - Aboriginal Voices (Toronto, ON)

CFMC (Saskatoon, SK)

CFMK (Kingston, ON)

CFMM (Prince Albert, SK)

CFMX (Toronto, ON)

CFNY (Toronto, ON)

CFPL AM (London, ON)

CFPL FM (London, ON)

CFRA (Ottawa, ON)

CFRB (Toronto, ON)

CFTR (Toronto, ON)

CFXY (Fredericton, NB)

CFYI (Toronto, ON)

CHAY (Barrie, ON)

CHFI (Toronto, ON)

CHIN AM (Toronto, ON)

CHIN FM (Toronto, ON)

CHML (Hamilton, ON)

CHOZ (St. John’s, NF)

CHRI Christian Hit Radio (Ottawa, ON)

CHRW (University of Western Ontario)

CHRY (York University - Toronto)

CHUC (Cobourg, ON)

CHUM AM (Toronto, ON)

CHUM FM (Toronto, ON)

CHUO (University of Ottawa)

CIBX (Fredericton, NB)

CIKX (Grand Falls, NB)

CILQ (Toronto, ON)

CIMJ (Guelph, ON)

CING (Burlington, ON)

CINT (Saskatoon, SK)

CIQB (Barrie, ON)

CIRV (Toronto, ON)

CISS (Toronto, ON)

CITR (University of British Columbia)

CIUT (University of Toronto)

CIWV (Hamilton, ON)

CIZL (Regina, SK)

CIZN (Cambridge, ON)

CJCJ (Woodstock, NB)

CJCL (Toronto, ON)

CJEZ (Toronto, ON)

CJJR (Vancouver, BC)

CJME (Regina, SK)

CJMJ (Ottawa, ON)

CJNB (North Battleford, SK)

CJNS (Meadow Lake, SK)

CJOY (Guelph, ON)

CJRT (Toronto, ON)

CJSR (University of Alberta)

CJSW (University of Calgary)

CJXY (Hamilton, ON)

CKBC (Bathurst, NB)

CKBD (Vancouver, BC)

CKBI (Prince Albert, SK)

CKCB (Collingwood, ON)

CKCL (Truro, NS)

CKDK (London, ON)

CKDO (Oshawa, ON)

CKFM (Toronto, ON)

CKGE (Oshawa, ON)

CKHJ (Fredericton, NB)

CKKL (Ottawa, ON)

CKLN 88.1 Ryerson University (Toronto)

CKLW (Windsor, ON)

CKOM (Saskatoon, SK)

CKQB (Ottawa, ON)

CKRU (Peterborough, ON)

CKTO (Truro, NS)

CKUA Radio Network (Alberta)

CKUT 90.3 McGill University (Montreal)

CKWF (Peterborough, ON)

Lyrical Knockout Entertainment

Telemedia Radio - Sudbury, ON


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Artworld City

Astral Media Outdoor

BLR Entertainment

Branching Out

Broadcast Dialogue

Canadian Musician

Canadian Music Network

Canadian Music Trade

Canadian Music Week - CMW

Centre of the City Magazine

Chart Magazine

Cieslok Outdoor

CLUBology Magazine

Core Magazine

Corriere Canadese

Downtown Entertainment Inc.

Essential Contact

Exclusive Advertising Inc.

Exit Magazine

eye Weekly

Gallop + Gallop

Global Study Magazine

HOToronto Magazine

India Journal

Indie Bible

International Media Advertising

Le Métropolitain

L’Express de Toronto

Loblaws Supermarket #079

Maxx Image

Mediacom Inc.

Media Names & Numbers Directory

Mic Check Magazine

Miedzy Nami

Ming Pao Daily Newspaper

Music Data Research

MusicFest Canada

Muzik Etc. / Drums Etc.

National Post

NewAd Media

North By Northeast Music Festival

NOW Weekly

OMG Media

Ottawa Int’l Chamber Music Festival

Parkad Media Ltd.

Pattison Mall Media

Pattison Outdoor

Performing Arts & Entertainment

Pink Pages

Production Values

Professional Sound

Saskatchewan Recording Industry Assoc.

Session & Tour Guide Canada

Songwriters Association of Canada

Sources Directory of Media Contacts

Tandem Weekly

Technologies For Worship Magazine

The Record

The Toronto Sun

The Varsity

The Villager Community Newspapers

The Voice

Toronto Community News

Toronto Free Press

Urban Outdoor Trans Ad

Viacom Outdoor

Vines Magazine

Where Toronto Magazine


WOW Mississauga

Zoom Media Inc


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Creative Image Communications

Norris-Whitney Communications Inc.

R Cat Communications


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Artisan Complete

Azimuth 3D Sound

Berkeley Stat House

BGM Imaging Inc.

Bluetree Graphics

Cooley Digital Products

GHQ Imaging

Harris Institute for the Arts

Icon Digital Productions

International Duplication Services

Joseph Gault & Associates

Liz Janik Associates

Magnetic North

Passage Prepress Inc.

Punch Media

Shorewood Packaging

Kreuger Singh

Sumeet Music

Telmet Design Associates

Wizard Productions